Tappino Valley Survey ’13-’17

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The Tappino Valley Survey Project (TVS) aims to map and analyze ancient settlement patterns and dynamics in a small valley in Central-Southern Italy, in modern Molise, in the province of Campobasso, in the municipalities of Jelsi, Campodipietra and S. Giovanni in Galdo.

Map showing the location of the TVS research area.


The project’s sampling strategy is set up to compare the results of our previous research around the sanctuaries of Colle Rimontato (San Giovanni in Galdo) and località Cupa (Gildone) with the wider context of the Tappino Valley. Therefore, a series of sample areas has been selected, using stratified-random sampling techniques, in order to cover a wide variety of geomorphological, ecological, and cultural zones. In these sample areas teams of four to six walkers surveyed all accessible fields with an interspacing of ten meters between them. Each walker collected all archaeological materials in a two meter wide strip, resulting in a 20% coverage sample. Fields were drawn on the basis of precise topographical maps and aerial photography using QuantumGIS for Android software on portable tablet devices. For each unit topographical, geomorphological, and visibility conditions were recorded. All finds were collected and bagged for study purposes.

Preliminary results

The collected materials and data are currently being studied.


January-February 2014 study campaign: Frank Beijaard (Radboud University Nijmegen), Lisa Götz (Leiden University), Rogier Kalkers (Leiden University), Luigi Pinchetti (Leiden University), Jacqueline Splinter (Leiden University), Tesse Stek (Leiden University).
September-October 2013 study campaign: Alessandra Capocefalo, Sheila Cherubini (University of Rome “La Sapienza”), Lisa Götz (Leiden University), Rogier Kalkers (Leiden University), Lucia Lecce (University of Basilicata, Matera), Eva Mol (Leiden University), Tesse Stek (Leiden University).
August 2013 campaign: Abel Bosman (Leiden University), Gianluca Cantoro (Leiden University), Anita Casarotto (Leiden University), Max Caspers (Leiden University), Rogier Kalkers (Leiden University), Martin Kim (Technical University Darmstadt), Erik Kroon (Leiden University), Lennart Kruijer (Leiden University), Koos Mol (Leiden University), Tijm Lanjouw (Leiden University), Lucia Lecce (University of Basilicata – Matera), Janine van Noorden (Leiden University), Olaf Norder (Leiden University), Pim Ofman (Leiden University), Mahmoud Samori (Brown University – Providence, RI), Jesús García Sánchez (Cantabria University), Jacqueline Splinter (Leiden University), Tesse Stek (Leiden University), Anouk Vos (Leiden University), Jitte Waagen (University of Amsterdam).

TVS August '13 group picture

TVS August ’13 group picture


We would like to thank everyone who has helped making the Tappino Valley Survey a successful fieldwork project, not only the participants, institutions, and officials mentioned on this page, but also all inhabitants and landowners of Jelsi and the other comuni in the Tappino Valley without whose kind hospitality and support our research would not have been possible.

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